Zo! x Phonte remake Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack” | New Music

Straight from the “They Never Shoulda Gave You Niggas Studio Equipment” sessions courtesy of Zo! and Phonte (and Phonte’s alterego Tigallo the Tay God) is this piano led cover of Mark Morrison’s 1996 smash hit (yes it was a smash hit!) “Return Of The Mack”.

Listen x Download: Zo! + Phonte feat. Tigallo the Tay God- “Return Of The Mack”

*Wipes away laughter tears* The intro & outro on this cover kill me!!
Dear Zo! and Phonte,
Please, Please, Please remake the video for “Return Of The Mack”.
Watch the original below.

Sidenote: Why didn’t Mark Morrison become the go to guy for hooks?