Young Buck to serve 18 months in prison for gun possession | Music News

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck has agreed to serve an 18-month prison term in a plea deal reached with Nashville prosecutors, TMZ reports.

The 31-year-old rapper born David Brown signed off on an agreement to plead guilty to charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition stemming from a 2010 raid on his Nashville home.

Federal authorities raided the home in attempts to repossess the MC’s belongings to settle a tax debt but recovered a .40 caliber Glock 22 and bullets. As a convicted felon, Buck is legally prohibited from possessing firearms of any kind.

Buck’s felony stems from the incident in which he stabbed a man during a brawl at the 2004 VIBE Awards. He was convicted of felony assault with a deadly weapon but struck a deal that only landed him one year of probation.

According to MTV, Buck addressed the most recent situation in a video posted online over the weekend.

“I got to go to the penitentiary in two months,” he said. “Fuck with me for real, hold me down — and when I get out of the penitentiary, all you rap n—as better get the fuck out the way. I ain’t even gonna say no names, but it’s a good thing I’m about to go to the penitentiary.”

In 2004, Buck’s debut album Straight Outta Cashville went platinum on the strength of hit singles “Let Me In” and “Shorty Wanna Ride.” Buck has remained sporadically active in the rap game since unofficially leaving the G-Unit fold, releasing a street album entitled The Rehab and teaming with several DJs for a slew of mixtapes. Buck is still contractually obligated to G-Unit Records.

Buck will be formally sentenced July 13.

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