Yonas Michael – “Made Love With A Leo” | New Music

Google tells me that women with the Leo star-sign can be pretentious, domineering, melodramatic and vain- but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Yonas Michael, one half of West Coast rap duo U-N-I, from making love with one of these fiery summer/autumn babies and writing a song all about it.

The track, entitled “Made Love With a Leo“, is a highly lyrical description of a tryst with one such girl, replete with references to the cosmos (“I saw a shooting star, go across the moonlight”) and the seasons. Yonas raps and sings his way around a summery synth arrangement from Toro Y Moi‘s Thanks Vision, and reveals that he isn’t looking bothered about make-up or designer brands. Instead he looks for women with whom he can “fly away and dream all night”. Sex is the goal but it isn’t necessarily the endgame.

I guess we’ll find out more of Yonas’ philosophy when we hear his pre-album mixtape Before BLVCK SWAN THEORY. That project, which features him rapping over remixes of tracks by N.E.R.D., Kavinsky, Poolside and more, drops December 4th. Listen to “Made Love With A Leo” below.