Yelawolf unveils Radioactive Album Cover Artwork

Hot off the back of the track we bought you a few days back, “Just Right” we now get a look at Yelawolf’s cover art for his upcoming album Radioactive.

To be honest, this cover art is a pleasant surprise to me, I don’t quite know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. A young blonde kid in a lab is of course, totally fitting with the album name, with the tag line “Amazing and mystifying chemical tricks” adding a circus like feel to it.

On the subject of the album, Yelawolf says:“I needed to add some important finishing touches to the album which resulted in the new release date,” said Yelawolf.  “I have some surprises in store for the fans that have to be seen before the album comes out. It’s definitely worth the wait.”

The new release date is November 21st, via Shady Records.