Yelawolf speaks on living homeless, hip-hop production culture + more [Video]

Just like he said in his recent – and fittingly outspoken – radio interview, Yelawolf isn’t one to hold his tongue. The Shady Records-signed rapper has built a rep for giving enlightening, introspective and zero bullsh*t interviews since his rise to fame, and doesn’t kick the trend in his latest discussion, this time with The Come Up Show.

Speaking before a meet-and-greet in Toronto, Ontario, Yela went into detail about his previous hardships – being homeless and living off food stamps – and how that has shaped his music, concluding: “You have to have a lot of pain before you can be culturally impactful, once you share your story that’s the difference between a rapper and a superstar.

“There is no such thing as a plan b when you want to be successful,” he added, elaborating on his path to eventual success. “There is no plan b… What are you supposed to give up? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

It wasn’t all depressing, though; Yelawolf also shared his thoughts on the modern production culture in hip-hop, criticising artists who commission certain popular producers and subsequently sound alike (as opposed to crews having their own identity, a la Wu-Tang Clan and Organized Noize), stated he stays inspired by new emcees like Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller, as well as the vets such as Busta Rhymes and his label boss, Eminem, and explains why he isn’t as active on social networks as other artists.

All that plus more in parts one and two below. A brilliant interview awaits.

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