XV – HardKnockTV Freestyle (Over The Throne’s “Otis” & More) [Video]

“All it takes is beat… man”

Kudos to the good folks over at HardKnockTV for linking up with Kansas City native emcee XV for an old school “jackin’ for beats” freestyle session. XtotheV, who has kept his fans impatiently waiting for his much blogged about The Kid With The Green Backpack project, took it back to the essence of Hip Hop by not only spitting verses off THE TOP OF THE DOME (otherwise known as a genuine “freestyle”) but he also let the beats flow, rhyming over a slew of beats including The Throne‘s (Hov and Ye) “Otis” and Jaylib‘s (J. Dilla and Madlib) timeless production “The Red“.

“…no Clyde Drexler but I’m on they trail like Blazers…” [a line basketball nerds like me will appreciate]

“….they say XV whats yo codename? XtotheV is the gamertag, hit me on gears and yo ass get gamer slashed” [a line computer gamers will appreciate]