X/COKE (MeLo-X + Cheri Coke) – ‘FREE’ | New Music

MeLo-X and Cheri Coke, who come together under the totally-non-drug-referencing X/COKE duo, aren’t hiding any hints that their self-titled collaborative EP will be something special. After seducing our senses with “The Interlude“, and before that, the SoulCulture exclusive “The Garden of Eden“, the pair present this ethereal jam, “FREE”; one grounded by Caribbean-esque drum sequences yet freed from the laws of gravity by Ms. Coke’s celestial croons.

What does it take to be FREE? In this case it’s freedom of expression, freedom of creativity and breaking free from the cube that many try to place you in. Take a dose of this next X/COKE serving and let your spirit be FREE. Do you have what it takes?

X/COKE should be with us next Tuesday (June 26th).

Listen: X/COKE (MeLo-X + Cheri Coke) – ‘FREE’