X/COKE (Cheri Coke + MeLo-X) – “The Garden of Eden” | SClusive New Music

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the wonderful world of X/COKE, the collaborative entity formed of Cleveland, Ohio raised singer, songwriter Cheri Coke (formerly known as the Bad Boy records signed Cheri Dennis)and Brooklyn repping renaissance man MeLo-X.
We are proud to present you with the first release from their forthcoming X/COKE EP entitled “The Garden of Eden. Step in to their garden and in their own words “feel the vibrations of Nu Wave Trill Sex”.

Listen To: X/COKE (Cheri Coke + MeLo-X) – “The Garden of Eden”

Intrigued? Learn more about X/COKE below…

In a time and age where technology allows creators to make music with someone on another planet at just a click of a button, MeLo and Cheri take you deeper into the importance of creating together and building on their artistic relationship. With a free and open creative space at the Bermuda Studios, X/COKE explore new sounds and venture to a new plateau.


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