Wu-Tang Clan x Kool G. Rap – “Rivers of Blood” | New Music

Wow, this whole Man with the Iron Fists movie business is turning out to be a great thing for hip hop. First we had a couple of Wu-Tang members reuniting for “Six Directions of Boxing,” next we had RZA and Kanye joining forces for “White Dress” and now we’ve got a dream team of Ghostface, Raekwon and Kool G. Rap combining for a track called “Rivers of Blood.”

As you’d expect from these three pioneers of mafioso rap, this is a bone-crushing banger. But the three is in fact four. Did I mention that they also brought in U-God to act as a sort of Frank Warren figure, interrupting rounds with a brilliant, growly hook?

Whilst being given a ringside seat to watch G-Rap fend off Shaolin swords is an extra-special treat, credit should also go to the men behind the track. BadBadNotGood (famous for their live jams with Odd Future) and Frank Dukes provide the backing to this chaotic cut, and it’s some of the most energetic, insane and off-kilter live instrumentation I’ve heard in a long time. If you haven’t checked out BadBadNotGood yet I suggest you correct that now.

Listen to the track below, and pre-order The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack here.