Wretch 32 transforms LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It” into “Messing Around Doing It” | New Music

Scary stuff. If this is Wretch when he is ‘messing around’, a lot of MCs on both sides of the Atlantic are in for sleepless nights. The second freestyle to be released from the North Londoner’s upcoming mixtape, Wretchercise sees the chart-topper flowing the over classic  LL Cool J cut, “Doin’ It”. Bars aplenty as can be expected with the Wretchro Boy and the smoothness displayed on the track, would make Mr Smith proud.

Never one to take his foot off the pedal, Wretch 32 will be releasing the 5th and final single of hit debut album,  Black and White next month. Hush Little Baby featuring Ed Sheeran will be available at an iTunes and a store near you, come the 27th May.