Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller promise good times at ‘Under the Influence of Music’ tour [Video]

During their recent visit to MTV’s Rapfix Live, Pittsburgh stoners Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller each had fun poking fun at the other’s crew, engaging in a faux feud about whose team would do the most wylin’ out on their upcoming Under the Influence of Music tour.

“Most Dope versus Taylor Gang — it’s on!” Mac declared after Wiz threatened him. Wiz says he and his trippy team of Taylors would make Mac and company ride bikes up the side of a mountain, to which Mac countered that he’d rather engage in team-building activities like “safety falls” — you know, when you fall backwards and see if anyone will catch you. Wiz also suggested board games and “mind fights,” which they apparently do all the time (Wiz says Mac writes book reports for him ’cause he’s so smart).

This is just the type of shit you’d expect two potheads to say, and fans can probably expect more of this good-natured ribbing over the course of the nine-date tour, which kicks off July 6 and will also feature Chevy Woods and TDE reps Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q. RSVP for tickets here.