Willow Smith On MTV Extended Play (Video)

“Is that what’s called procrastinating?”

[[Scratches head]] Where did this kid come from? Really? …Oh yeah, that’s right, the Smiths‘.

Little lady of the moment, Willow Smith, gave an articulate and endearing interview MTV’s Extended Play where she name-checked Billy Ocean and Beyonce amongst her musical influences, calling her friends ‘warriorettes’, and drops some pearls of prepubescent wisdom on being driven.

Admittedly I was a little unsure when snippets of 9-year-old Willow’s hair whipping was first leaked last month, but the more I see her on screen, the more I get it. She’s more articulate than most of the children we tend to see put in the spotlight, and most importantly, she looks more comfortable in the spotlight than certain popstars who are three times her age.

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