Whatever Happened to… Rhian Benson?

I’m thinking of starting a regular-ish ‘Where are they now?’ blog feature and thought I’d squeeze one in before I catch up with the latest episode of ‘Glee’ on 4OD.

A few weeks ago whilst reviewing a show at the Jazz Café my accompanying friend mentioned she hadn’t been to the venue since she saw half-Ghanaian/half-Welsh singer-songwriting beauty Rhian Benson play there many moons ago. And I got to thinking…whatever happened to the glittering promise of Miss Benson’s career? Circa 2003 she got quite a fair bit of press coverage from the broadsheets as well as the urban fraternity for her debut ‘Gold Coast‘. I was expecting big things but much like her fellow soulstress, the underrated Terri Walker who made some waves around a similar time, it seems Benson was overlooked in preference of inferior British R&B ‘stars’.

According to her website a new album ‘Hands Clean’ is due out this year (there have been rumours of new material for quite some time now) and you can hear an exclusive track ‘This Feels Like Home’ from the forthcoming release on Rhian’s Myspace. For now, we can also whet our appetites with two blasts from the past. First it’s the empowering ‘Stealin’ My Peace of Mind’ followed by Rhian competing with herself for Tyson Beckford‘s attention in ‘Say How I Feel’ (which has always sounded a bit like ‘Lunch or Dinner’ by Sunshine Anderson to me but I digress). Enjoy.

Shalom x

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