Wear your musical heart on your sleeve with Skoolwerk Apparel tees | Style

There’s nothing I love more than wearing my musical heart on my sleeve, so to speak. Skoolwerk Apparel is the brand that will allow me to wear my musical influence on a t-shirt.

Based on an idea that was forged in 2009 and came to life in 2011, Skoolwerk describe themselves as being “personal passion for timeless music.” Honouring the rich traditions of Soul and Jazz music, this company is one for the music lovers amongst us.

What I love most about the tees is that they are often very simple but use colour and typography to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the pioneers to whom they most pay homage. A personal favourite of mine is the Quincy Jones piece.

The ethos of the brand and the strength of their simple, eye-catching designs will probably equate to a fruitful future for Skoolwerk. I personally am excited to see what else is up their proverbial sleeves. Any brand that says “we like to think of ourselves as a wearable music documentary” is a winner in my eyes.

Check out their online store and place your orders! Check out some other favourites of ours from the collection below!