Watch: Sam Smith talks life, love and loneliness with VEVO LIFT

VEVO LIFT launches their second artist of 2014 in the form of Sam Smith – who provided vocals on Naughty Boy‘s “La, La, La” as well as Disclosure‘s hit “Latch” – with two videos telling the tales of the London-based singer’s rise in the music industry and his overwhelming experience of being alone and lonely in London.

While I find these videos to be painfully formulaic aesthetically [Thank you, reality music shows!], there are moments in both that strike a chord. In ‘Becoming: Sam Smith’ he admits, “There was a moment when I said myself, ‘I’m gonna give it one more year of trying and if I don’t do it I’m just going to give up’,” – a common experience for many of us when persevering to succeed at something.

“There are so many things that define me and I learnt that by being by myself and writing about my passions,” he shares. “I write about my life, I forget about the whole world when I write music so when people love my songs it means so much more. It’s all very personal and emotional – which is my own fault.

“If I wanted to go into this and create a facade I could have done… but I wanted to connect with people as honestly as I could. It’s still really tough sometimes to sing personal lyrics, because you feel like you’re reading your diary to people. Most of the things I say in my songs I would never say to my mum.”

In the second segment, titled ‘The Lonely Mind’, the BRIT Critics’ Choice Award 2014 winner discusses his experiences with loneliness after leaving the village he grew up in and moving to London by himself, and how finding the ‘beauty in solitude’ inspired his debut album.

“Just because I’ve never been with somebody who loves me back, does it mean I don’t know what love is? No, it doesn’t. It just means I know it in a different way,” he comments.

With the vocals displayed on the earlier mentioned singles, here’s to hoping that Sam Smith delivers a strong debut project; hopefully utilising the sounds that he has come across and the artists he has formed relationships with – but also pushing beyond expectations.

As he says above: “Don’t get comfortable in the sounds that I’m presenting to you – it’s never gonna stay the same. I always want to change and take risks. I want to constantly challenge myself.”