Warren G recalls producing for Tupac [Video]

West Coast emcee Warren G spoke to HipHopWired at a recent event in honour of late rap legend Tupac Shakur‘s 40th birthday, to recall Pac asking him to work with him when putting togther “Definition Of A Thug Ni$$a” and “How Long Will They Mourn Me,” both songs inspired by his gripes with the industry and a death at the time, and what he feels the game lacks since the rapper death; “Real music?” he ponders.

“I mean its a lot of good artists out there, don’t get me wrong. We still could have fun and party like we do but I think we need a lot of artists to guide the younger generation a little bit more instead of just making it rain and big rims.

“That’s cool and we can do records like that but at the same time we gotta start sending messages too – to tell them about paying their taxes and getting businesses; a lot of people ain’t doing that,” he concludes of the celebrities and rappers getting caught for tax evasion. “Handle your business so you don’t have to go through that shit… Just do it the right way and you won’t be in the news.”

[Spotted @ Yk2Daily]