Wale’s On A Mission To Prove And Define Himself [Video]

Still bearing bad feelings about the 28,000 first week sales of his debut album, Attention Deficit, Wale recently spoke with MTV about unleashing a new hungry approach with his latest successful mixtape, More About Nothing [click to download], which reportedly received over 100,000 downloads within the first 90 minutes of its [free] release.

“It damages your pride, your ego, it makes you think you’re not doing something right,” said in his hometown of Washington, D.C. “I wanted to channel the Wale [that existed] before I ever signed a record deal.”

Wale’s most critically acclaimed mixtape is 2008’s Mixtape About Nothing, so he wanted to take it back to his roots. He says he feels like he’s not signed. He’s hungry.

“That’s why you hear that vigor and hunger in my voice while I’m rapping. I was trying to go super-crazy in the booth to let them know that the hunger is still there. It’s to my label, the fans, to the doubters. I’m trying to prove myself. A lot of people try to reinvent themselves. I’m trying to define myself. It’s almost like it was a rough draft of my mission statement before, but this is the final draft. If y’all didn’t know who Wale was before, you know now. And the play on Nothing is that a lot people are saying nothin’, but we’re saying somethin’ now.” Read the full interview at MTV.com

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