Wale talks major label competition, internet buzz & doing it for the culture | Video

“Only like 10% of the people that are signed have good situations.”

At a NEXT in-store in Cleveland with Eighty81, Washington DC emcee Wale spent some time signing limited edition #nodaysoff T-Shirts by ILTHY for fans and talked about why he thinks “indie is the best way to go” rather than signing with major labels, the internet’s ability to build and destroy an artist’s buzz, what he’s currently listening to and what he’s working on next, among other things.

“My attitude hasn’t changed much. I think I’m more aggressive…” he says. “I kinda know exactly what I want now. Just coming from a place where we never really had an image or never really had a sound musically, it’s kinda difficult trying to make it out of that. But now I’m less focused on making it out of that and I’m trying to do it for the culture, moreso than DC.”

“If you have a fanbase, indie’s not the end of the world.”

Photography by Neil Raja for SoulCulture.

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