Wale discusses the possibility of releasing two albums in one year [Video]

Following the footsteps of DMX, Nelly, Tupac Shakur and more recently E-40 before him, DC raised emcee Wale hope to release not one but two albums either this year or next year. Speaking to the good folks over at MTV, the Maybach Music Group artist said, “I told Warner Bros. [Maybach Music Group’s distributing label] I’m not opposed to dropping two albums in 2011 or two in 2012. If they allow me to and they ready for it I’ll do it.”

To be honest, I don’t see Wale being able to drop two separate albums this year, unless he packages them as a double album. Even though he is the best known emcee (in the commercial market) of the three that recently signed with Maybach, the “Pretty Girls” rapper still is yet to release any material that has made any impact on the US commercial charts thus limiting his bargaining power when trying to negotiate releasing releasing two albums. Unfortunately, Wale still has to prove himself to Warner Bros., who will be spending money on marketing distributing his projects.