Vybz Kartel prison break story denied by Jamaican authorities | News

I’m sure you’ve seen this story about the Jamaican deejay and seven other prisoners holding guards hostage at gunpoint in the early hours before escaping blow up over Twitter and other places online.
But according to the Jamaican Observer, police have dispelled the rumours of Deejay Vybz Kartel‘s escape from the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre early this morning.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green told the Observer early this morning that he had no knowledge of the reported jail break.

“I know nothing about that. If that had taken place I would would certainly have known,” Green said.

Police at Denham Town Police station, the closest police station to the remand centre were also unaware of the reports as was the Constabulary Communication Network who also claimed ignorance of any jail break.

“It may be an attempt by his cronies to keep him in the news but they don’t need to spread rumours to do that because he will be in the news for quite some time,” one cop told the Observer.

Now, if you read the story floating about, you’ll see it’s pretty far-fetched. One guard dying of a heart attack (because that happens often in these situations), twelve others injured (only two were shot), seven on the run… sounds like something out of a movie, right? Then ask yourself, “How does a blog called HYPE life know so much about this?”

And who keeps track of the time when something like this is going down “Shortly after 1am… 1:45 they eventually made their way to the prison maintenance pickup-truck…” Oh, you got inside reporters in prison watching the clock with their pen and pads out? And how does this site know that they are on Jamaica’s Most Wanted list? They lined up with the police? They even over-cooked the amount of murders he’s been charged. “Several” means more than two in my book.

Finally, the blog is called HYPE life. HYPE. Life. This same site made a story about Vybz Kartel receiving oral stimulation in prison, a story that was later disproved. It’s all fun and games on Twitter, I get that, but when reputable news sources like MTV, “Fact” magazine, NME and the Metro newspaper report it, you have to ask yourself “Are we that hungry for hits that we’ll spread news stories without credible sources?” Special shout-out to Hot 97 who had Vybz Kartel’s “baby mom” on the phone confirming the story. Yeah, ya large. As I’ve said before with the whole “Vybz Kartel releases bleaching product story”, these people are quick to spread anything negative surrounding reggae music, but ever-so-slow in covering the actual music. If you don’t follow the music ordinarily, don’t cover it all (in my humble opinion).

Do I believe the story to be true? Not until further evidence from a credible source is provided.

And I’ll leave it there.


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