VIDEO: Whitney Shines In ‘Million Dollar Bill’

It definitely looks like Whitney and her label are on an all out media assault since the release of I Look To You. First off we had the Oprah interview and the release of the video for first single ‘I Look To You’, and now we have the video for (presumably) the next single ‘Million Dollar Bill’.

I have reviewed the album in full (should be up within next few days) and I admit I’m not really a fan of the album, however this is one of the tracks I did like. OK, it’s nothing ground-breaking, and Whitney is nowhere near her best vocally, but the song is a fun disco/RnB romp which i’m sure will be a hit once it’s officially released here.

On a final note you have got to hand it to Whitney, her voice may not be what it once was, but she looks amazing and judging from that Oprah interview she really has come through the other side of the whole Bobby Brown/drugs mess a stronger, more confident woman.

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