VIDEO: Nina Simone Tribute x SoulSummer

Watching Nina Simone sing on TV when I was younger, I didn’t really get it. The reverence, the adulation, the love (my mother was a clear fan) for someone with such an unconventional voice… It just went over my head.

Years on, as we all do, I grew into her emotion and have since been very much in the fan club. I think the clincher was her version of The BeeGees‘ “To Love Somebody”, which found its way onto many, many of my playlists in the past decade.

So it’s with delight I stumbled across this written and visual tribute to Ms Simone this morning..

“Nina Simone (1933–2003) was no stranger to rhythmic revolution. A classically trained pianist known for her rough exterior, gruff voice, and musical genius, her vibrant material still sounds fresh. With songs like “Sinnerman” and “Feeling Good” used in various films and television shows including Point of No Return, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Six Feet Under, her haunting voice is constantly being rediscovered by new generations. And that’s what Generation Soul is all about.”

Read the full Generation Soul: Nina Simone article over at

One day, I’m sure I’ll honour her in my own way.

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