VIDEO: 'Man In The Mirror' Tribute by Siedah Garrett

I know there are a huge amount of MJ tributes doing the rounds on the music blogs at the moment, I have even posted a couple here already. It just goes to show what a HUGE influence  this man was. The reason for me posting this particular tribute is two-fold:

1) ‘Man In The Mirror’ is probably my favourite out of all of MJ‘s solo material. I think it’s the personl nature of the lyrics and the message of the song that appeals to me so much.

2) I’m familiar with the very talented Siedah Garrett from her work with the Brand New Heavies on the Shelter album, however I had no idea she wrote this song for Michael. It seems fitting that the lady who wrote it for him should pay tribute to him singing the song she penned. Plus she has some interesting things to say at the opening of the video.

This has got to be THE best MJ tribute i’ve heard so far! What are your thoughts?

[Thanks to the folks over at SoulBounce for bringing this to my attention]


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