V. Bozeman – “Free Bird” | Music Video


With the music world joining forces yesterday with Barack Obama to celebrate hi second term in the White House as president, newcomer and protégée to Cee-Lo Green, V. Bozeman, joined the celebration in her own way as she released a video to accompany the song “Free Bird,” showing off her patriotism.

Covering one of rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s most famous song, originally released in 1974, she transforms the lovesong, and with the lyrics seen in a new light, she makes it more about freedom – freedom that Obama has given to the next generation to achieve their unthinkable dreams, too.

The video sees nothing more than Bozeman belting out the song alone, while draped in an outfit of red and blue material, lined with white stars, before she strips down to a fitted swimsuit showing off more of the American flag.

Speaking on her decision to cover the song and make a video she says, “As an artist I’ve always had a perspective and a voice and its important to me that I always be authentic to not only my fans, but myself in my expression.”

Watch the tribute below.