Usher – ‘Sunrise’ (Full Version) | New Music

After spending the last 12 months in abbreviated form, the full version of the mysterious Usher song known as “Sunrise” finally emerges from its cocoon.

Not much is known about this song — like where it came from or where it was supposed to land — but what’s apparent is this thing has the potential to be a smash. Yeah, it’s freaky, but it’s still suitable for radio. It would also work in the clubs, ’cause ladies love a freaky song they can dance real slow to (and men love ladies dancing real slow). This thing is a winner.

Ursher (yes, “Ursher”) should have put this out officially. It’s a damn good song.

But since he didn’t, you’ll have to settle for a free download. I’m sure you won’t complain.

Listen: Usher – “Sunrise” (Full Version)