Usher hosts interactive album listening in New York + reveals tracklist | Music News

With six albums under his belt and numerous years in the music business, Usher must have grown quite tired of the regular and routine album listening parties so he found a way to shake things up. While previewing his new album, Looking For Myself, to a selection of journalists in New York, Usher turned the usually mundane experience into an interactive and exciting one, different from any other.

Holding court in the Daryl Roth Theatre in Union Square, Usher took to the stage to act out a number of scenes to accompany the album tracks carefully playing in sequence through speakers around the room. Beginning with the opening track “Climax,” Usher sets off walking on a treadmill in a white suit, building up speed until he’s at a full sprint which ends with the “climax” of a gunshot to the chest.

He then rests on a leather cot, lying down for a dream sequence to start the song “Lemme See” featuring Rick Ross. During the dream sequence, aerial dancers hang high above the journalists and media types, chasing each other in the air.

The following scenes include a romantic dinner at a restaurant, which was thrown off course by a snowstorm that saw the audience covered in white confetti, and a party scene with Usher dancing through the crowd to his new single “Scream.”

The journey through the album ended the same way it started with Usher taking to the treadmill again, this time joined by two others. Everyone in attendance was sure to have gone away with much more than they anticipated and maybe got more of an insight into Usher’s creative mind.

Looking For Myself is scheduled for a June 12 release. Check out the full tracklist below.

“Looking 4 Myself”
“Lemme See” feat. Rick Ross
“Climax (Kaskade remix)”
“Show Me”
“Hot Thing” feat. Pharrell Williams
“I Care 4 You”
“Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”


[via Complex]