Tyler, The Creator – “Transylvania” | New Music

“I am trying to get Ms Piggy by the muthaf@$kin’ hairs of her chinny chin chin”Tyler, The Creator
My personal favourite track from Goblin – the highly anticipated sophomore LP from OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All)’s enigmatic defacto leader has found it’s way onto the interwebs at last. Tyler, The Creator‘s “Transylvania” is a riot inciting, rumbling bass driven, sinister and menacing lyric laced shockfest that won’t appeal to a majority of people (understatement) but If you’re a fan of Tyler’s then this is pure bliss.

Listen to Tyler, The Creator – “Transylvania”

Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin is out on May 9th in the UK (May 10th in the US), Pre-Order here.

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