Tyler, The Creator talks Grammys x Frank Ocean x the N word on Hot 97 [Video]


The forever-odd Tyler, The Creator sits down for another chat with Ciph & Rosenberg at Hot 97. The session starts off neighbourly before taking a sharp left turn into “Hmms-ville” and further proving that no topic is too taboo when the Odd Future affiliate is near a microphone.

Tyler candidly discusses his favourite moments from the Grammys, which includes taking “selfies” with Jennifer Lopez, what he thinks of Frank Ocean’s performance, how Earl Sweatshirt’s album is one of the most incredible he’s heard in the last 40 years, and how the ever controversial N word means “nothing” to his generation. It’s not pretty, but it is Tyler.

Press play on the video below – just be sure your boss isn’t lurking because this is definitely unsafe for work material.