Tyler, The Creator on his hunger for greatness, lyrical content, childhood + more (Video)

While at the recently concluded SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, Odd Future’s lead man Tyler, The Creator caught up with The Drone for a candid one-on-one conversation on his hunger for greatness, what greatness means to him, wanting to be a national hero, how making a song is just like making a movie to him, not understanding what the “big deal” is surrounding his dark lyrics and much more.

In the interview which you can watch below, Tyler compares his lyrics to a Quentin Tarantino movie and asks why nobody says a thing about Tarantino’s (violent) films but yet want to criticize him when he “finally says shit that someone’s thinking” without properly listening to the “coolness and genius” of it (his lyrics).

Tyler also talks about always wanting his video on MTV ever since he was seven years old and finally achieving it and he also sheds some light on his mother, his early childhood and being a very defiant child as well as being called “white boy” in seventh grade because of his dress sense and taste in music at the time and how bringing race into little things like that irks him. He attests to being “the hottest n***a out right now” but never letting all the hype surrounding him get to or change him and how he will not rapping about the same things he rapped about on his first album on the forthcoming sophomore Goblin album.

Watch the interview below.