TY – “Like You Never” | Music Video x Lyrics

British hip hop titan TY returns with the official video for “Like You Never” from his forthcoming EP A Kick Snare & An Idea which is set for release in April.

The acclaimed and outspoken artist reflects on the current state of the artform that is hip hop and confronts some of the issues he has with it and with his own personal approach to raising the status quo and sensibilities of the culture over the soulful soundbed.

Watch the official video directed by Bunny Bread and Adam Rogers and peep the lyrics below…

‘Like You Never’ lyrics

[Verse 1]
For every five steps forward I take ten steps back
I love the music but can’t see where it’s at?
Strictly fast food runnings
How we supposed to adapt
How we supposed to raise kids to that
And I ain’t blaming no one it starts with me
Before heart failure there’s blocked arteries
We were usually on point no archery
Creative to a fault
Like an art degree but something happened it’s kinda like a takeover
The sampling law changed
The looping of the breaks over
Tho corporate there’s nothing pretty about this makeover
Pay for play and now you influence what we say
We even let you walk off with the deejay
It’s hard to hear a single scratch on records these days besides the clichés
Somebody got to keep up traditions
It’s a new day but still something is missing I mean

That’s what I’m telling everybody (I’m like you never)
That’s what I’m telling everybody (I’m like you never)

[Verse 2]
And now the new school is no school
Cos everybody and their mama knows Pro Tools
Writing raps and recording bad vocals
Being a star is more than being anti-social
I’m more than boastful
I’m hopeful of brighter tomorrow
Used to weaving words together other writers can follow
I hear anger in music but the message is hollow
Upon further inspection you can see what’s been borrowed
Foreign ideals of real bluffing to do with nothing now we reinvent the wheel
Caps get peeled as we slip on banana skins
Stuttering stammering should have been Fannie Lou Hamer-ring
Instead we are glimmity glammering
This struggle is a headache plus Anadin
Mic check even breathing is challenging
The music is a powerful thing especially when it’s used to boost the power Within but you don’t hear me ha!

That’s what I’m telling everybody (I’m like you never)
That’s what I’m telling everybody (I’m like you never)

[Verse 3]
I had my palm read
She told me not to leave this alone
So I miss real artist like Nina Simone
Full of integrity never too keen to be cloned
That’s why the need to be different
Buried deep in my bones
Cos swagger never paid bills just skills
I guess I took the long road mountain plus hills
Turntables and mic cables love from the crowd is more important than the right label
And I don’t want the 90’s sound back
But you can’t deny the Linn Drum really sounds wack
Just living thru the movie but not feeling the soundtrack
Not trying to be bougie but not trying to be round that
I grew up in a brown black facade so I’m not trying to act like I’m that large
But I’m trying to rap like I’m that guard when it comes to culture I’m pulling raps card Like a placard

That’s what I’m telling everybody (I’m like you never)
That’s what I’m telling everybody (I’m like you never)

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