Two men arrested for hacking into Sony database and stealing Michael Jackson catalogue | Music News

While Hip Hop fans are well versed in the art of digging in the crates, or at least, vaguely familiar with the legendary Diggin’ in the Crates Crew, most heads will be shocked to hear that two men, aged 25 and 26, have been arrested for digging up Michael Jackson’s grave, raiding the late King of Pop’s catalogue. (Cue puns/jokes about RZA’s Gravediggaz).

A touch over the top, yes; but it remains true – two hackers, James McCormick and James Marks, have been apprehended, after 50,000 plus files went missing from Sony Music’s private database system. Crafty enough to ransack Jackson’s catalogue, the duo were also clumsy enough to leave incriminating evidence, dexterously pointing the finger of blame at themselves.

Sony Music released this statement:

“We confirmed the breach last May and immediately took steps to secure the site and notify authorities. As a result, two suspects were arrested. There was no consumer data involved in the incident.”

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