TSS Presents Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode I: Voyage To Venus

The good people over at The Smoking Section enlisted Zo to compose this compilation which takes us through an aural journey of Sa-Ra’s catalogue.

“By now, Sa-Ra Creative Partners – the genre-bending producing and performing trio – has either captivated or confused the entire gamut of music heads and tastemakers alike. This podcast series (a scheduled trilogy) consists of interviews, album cuts, overlooked gems, rarities, exclusives and remixes to please current fans and entrance newcomers. Even greater, it can perhaps serve as a medium for folks who have been seeking a way to delve into the complex world of SRCP. Episode I: Voyage to Venus mostly boasts spacey funk and smooth dusty soul, showcasing the softer, amorous side of Sa-Ra’s catalog.”

The Smoking Section Presents Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode I: Voyage To Venus by TheSmokingSection


Jump under the cut for the tracklisting


My Star
So Special
God Made Dirt
Can I Get U Hi
Death of a Star
Feels Just Like It Should remix (Jamiroquai)
Glorious remix
XXX Str8 Out The Jungle Sa-Ra New Mix (Soulhead)
Tonight Sa-Ra Re-do (Kleer)
Powder Bump
Equipoise (Dwight Trible)
High Life remix (Fonzworth Bentley)
Space Theme
If You Believe (Nina Moschella)
We Can Do Anything
Heidi Bruehl Sa-Ra remix (Tosca)
Sweet Sour You (Bilal)
Star Struck (Naledge)
High Moon Lust remix
Hey (Jurassic 5)
He Say She Say
Midnight Birds Sa-Ra remix (Medeski Martin Wood)
Scorpio Rising/Night on the Sun
Dust and Kisses
Melodee N Mynor
Twinkle (Erykah Badu)
Love Czars
Revenge of Blow
Simply So remix (GB)
Song 4 Jay
Do Me Gurl
Love Czars II
Jam 101
Couldn’t Hear Me Ova The Music Sa-Ra Remix (Eric Roberson)
Fly Away (Goapele)

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