Trinidad Jame$ talks Def Jam, deals, Rick Ross, the future, on The Breakfast Club [Video]


Since his mega-internet hit “All Gold Everything,” Trinidad James is slowly knocking down the naysayers and keeping on his grind to prove the haters wrong, proving his worth firstly by signing a huge deal with Def Jam Records, and then appearing on XXL’s Freshman list this year. Heading back to Power 106’s The Breakfast Club, James returns to the radio show with a few more credentials under his belt as he talks record labels, money and his future.

The Atlanta-repping rapper talks about his deal with Def Jam, explaining why he chose that label after having many people propositioning him with deals at the time.

“It was just a smart move,” he says. “When you sign, you’re figuring out what’s the best place for you to do your music the way you want to do it and get it put out to the most people. I felt like Def Jam was the best place.”

The deal in question was reportedly for an eye-watering $2million but James refused to confirm or deny the figure, preferring to keep his bank balance more private; “Ah man, come on man. You know I don’t talk about no money in no interview, boy. You know where I’m from we can’t talk about no money in an interview.”

During the interview, James was also asked about the Rick Ross situation since the MMG rapper was dropped by Reebok after inappropriate lyrics were used in a song by him. James chose not to kick a man while he was down, as he tried to defend Ross while still keeping his own hands clean. His comments were short and firm, saying, “I feel that I think I knew what he meant by that, but it’s not my ground to elaborate on that.”

Watch the full interview below.