Trina talks Rick Ross & new ventures on 106 & Park [Video]

Trina made her way onto BET’s 106 & Park to talk with Rosci about her new single “Red Bottoms,” as well as her latest ventures. Dubbing herself the “baddest chick,” Trina is currently working on her sixth studio album, with Rick Ross being the forefront leader on the project.

“It’s just really an amazing process. I’ve been working with Ross my whole career, so he’s been a part of all of my albums,” Trina tells Rosci.

“It’s just with the sixth album, he’s the forefront person. He’s the one structuring. He understands that I’ve grown. He sees a different place in me, and I see it myself. And I’m happy that he’s confident enough to understand that I want to do different types of music. Different sounds, different producers, different production. I’m really excited about that. Because I have an open range, and can do whatever I want to do. I can give the fans something totally different.”

Aside from her album, Trina is also re-launching her perfume line for the holiday season, as well as teaming up with Keyshia Dior on her Ka’Oire lipstick line.

[via yardie]