Trey Songz: “The public likes generic more than they like to admit” (Billboard Interview)

R&B showmancer Trey Songz covers the front of Billboard magazine. The interview feature explores the progressive sexualisation of Songz’ image across albums and his journey to becoming “the face of male R&B.”


The public likes generic more than they like to admit, so that’s what I gave them — I gave them sexual singles and they ate it up,” Songz says about the string of blatantly sexed-up hits from “Ready.” “I gave them two whole albums before this one — on one I talked about a mother’s love for her son and a father not being there, and on the other I made a song about safe sex. They were well accepted but not as much as the records on ‘Ready.’ The singles were purposely very sexual to capture people’s attention.”

“Trey directed his lyrics,” Atlantic Records Group chairman/COO Julie Greenwald says. “No one gave them to him or said, ‘This is what you should do.’ We can’t take any credit for that. We helped expose him, but he wrote what he wanted to write.”

“I do feel I can give people what they enjoy while still building what I want to build,” Songz says. “Because, the truth is, as much as I’m a business man and as much success as I had with the last album and as much as I’d love to duplicate and surpass that, I am an artist, and creativity is what’s most important to me. As artists, we sometimes have to sacrifice success for creativity.”

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