Trey Songz flips Lil Wayne’s “She Will” with his latest TriggaMix | New Music

Still say I can’t rap? Ain’t that some shit… Trey Songz opens fire, executing yet another TriggaMix as he flows over Lil Wayne ‘s “She Will” [originally featuring Drake]. Radio ain’t gon’ play that shit / They gon’ play that hit / I don’t give a fuck what you say: that neo-soul ain’t gon’ pay / Truthfully I wanna be conscious as Marv’ Gaye / But I feed a lot of people… he laments, in a soulful twist of the sentiment echoed in Jay-Z‘s infamous Talib Kweli nod on “Moment Of Clarity.” Take a listen below to Trey’s latest TriggaMix below.

Trey Songz – “She Will” (TriggaMix):

[via KarenCivil]