Trey Songz drops Anticipation II and #LemmeHolDatBeat2 mixtapes | Free Download

Clearly trying to best the world record for the most productive month ever, Trey Songz on Nov 1st dropped not one, but two, full-length mixtapes for free download. The two projects were each designed to show a different side of his artistry, with Anticipation II being the R&B joint showcasing what the singing Trey (arguably) does best and #Lemmeholdatbeat2 being a platform for him to showcase his much-exercised rapping skills.

I gave them both quick spins whilst out and about yesterday but I’m still undecided as to which I prefer. Anticipation II has a few jams (“On Top of the World” is still probably the standout to me), but the first Anticipation mixtape was pretty spectacular and I’d probably go so far as to say it was a turning point in Trey’s career. Equally, I was a big fan of the original #Lemmeholdatbeat mixtape. Not yet sure if these live up to the strength of their predecessors but they’ve both got more than their fair share of standout tracks.

Make your own mind up by checking out the tracklist and download links after the jump.

Anticipation II tracklist:
1. Find A Place
2. Still Scratchin Me Up
3. When We Make Love
4. Me4u – Infidelity 2
5. Don’t Judge
6. Inside
7. Good Feelings
8. Bomb (A.P.)
9. Flights & Skype
10. Girl At Home
11. French Kiss
12. Girl On Girl
13. U Should Roll
14. Top Of The World

Download: Anticipation II

#LemmeHolDatBeat2 tracklist:
1. Jackin For Beats
2. Root Of All Evil
3. Hunnadz
4. Don’t Love Me
5. She Will
6. Real Freak
7. AWall Shit
8. Mind Gone
9. Headlines
10. Lap Dance (HEAUX)
11. A$$ x Mr. Nice Watch x That Way
12. Whoever Else
13. Changes
14. BeatNutz
15. The Whole World
16. I Got It
17. In Africa
18. Nightmares Of The Bottom

Download: #Lemmeholdatbeat2

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