Treach disses Naughty By Nature partner Vin Rock on “Tall Midget” | New Music


It’s a sad day for fans of iconic Hip-Hop collective Naughty By Nature. Dropping a diss record aimed at fellow band mate Vin Rock, the group’s front man Treach spits ether on “Tall Midget”.

Having been through a break up previously, the group are once again heading for a split. In a week that saw Treach “fire” Vinnie on Twitter – to which he replied, “Business 101: You can’t fire the owner.” – a diss has now made its way public hearing Treach call out his rhyme partner of 25 years.

Referring to Vin as “Uncle Ad Lib” and spitting, “Fuck ya fat ass you a bagel away from Barney,” it’s apparent that this is a beef not to be taken lightly. Whilst [according to AllHipHop] it’s been a disagreement in the making for a minute now, according to Treach it’s always been business as usual:

We never wanted to be the groups that couldn’t resolve our issues. Nobody is larger than the group. We always fit [Vinnie] in even if there wasn’t a spot for [him] to fit in. You will never see Vin do a Naughty show [alone], because he can’t. Me and KG [the group’s DJ and hit-making producer] can do this for the rest of our lives. I don’t work for nobody. I’ll never say never to nothing, because I’m a business man. For now, Vinnie is on a “grown man timeout.

Listen and download “Tall Midget” below.