Tony Williams digs up footage of Kanye West playing “Big Brother” to Jay Z for the first time [Video]

It’s clear to see that the relationship between Jay Z and Kanye West goes deeper than just music and these two guys really are like family. This was no clearer than when we all heard the song “Big Brother” on Kanye’s Graduation album, an ode to their brotherly relationship and how Jay mentored and influenced Kanye. Now, video footage of Jay hearing the song for the very first time has surfaced.

During the studio session, after hearing the song Jay says, “That shit was emotional. If the camera wasn’t there I’d be saying other shit but I’ma just wait and tell you later.”

The rest of the video shows the making of Graduation and you can even catch a glimpse of a young Big Sean working on writing the song “Champion.”

The video comes from personal footage belonging to The World Famous Tony Williams; R&B singer/songwriter, and cousin to Kanye. This video is amongst a series of vlogs being put out by Tony himself in the lead up to his first solo album, King Or The Fool which will be out in February.

[via: The Source]