Tinie Tempah talks US rappers getting robbed in London w/ The Breakfast Club [Video]

After becoming the first British rapper to achieve platinum single sales in the United States [“Written In The Stars“] former After Shock Crew member Tinie Tempah continued his promo assault on the U.S with a visit to New York based radio station Power 105.1’s infamous early morning show, The Breakfast Club.

Sitting down with The Breakfast Club hosts, DJ Envy kicked off proceedings by introducing the multi award-winning artist as “the Drake of the UK,” to which co-host Charlamagne Tha God replied “you don’t want to be Drake. Drake is a sensitive guy. You know you listen to too much Drake you start to grow nipples that lactate.”

Speaking to all three accomplished radio DJs in their own right, including another future ex-wife of mine Angela Yee, the South London bred rapper engaged in a candid conversation covering a range of topics including where he got his name from, British Urban Hip Hop artists stuggling to make an impact in the US, actor Idris Elba, Slick Rick, the support he has received from British fans, drugs (a subject Mr. Tempah seemed well versed in), the US to Euro/British Pound Sterling exchange rate in reference to how expensive it is, for Americans, to buy something as little as a meal from McDonald’s, not needing security when back in London, whether he prefers to “bang out” American women or British Women, Charlamagne Tha God wanting to “smash” Grammy award-winning British singer/rapper Estelle, his future US promo plans and working with Wiz Khalifa.

Early on during flowing conversation, Miss Yee shared a story of an un-named US Hip Hop artist that was robbed soon after their gig in London. Wanting to shed more light on the topic, Tinie opened up and discussed a few of the possible reasons to why many US Hip Hop artists have been robbed during their short stays in London.

“There’s probably a couple of reasons why. One, its like a trophy thing because obviously to some of the ignorant London boys, they feel like they [American Hip hop artists] have no respect. When we [the British] come over to America sometimes you go to certain states and they’re like [adopting an American accent], ‘Y’all got a hood in London? Like fo’ real? Y’all gangster in London?’ They don’t really believe… so a few ignorant people will try and prove themselves and be like, ‘We wanna make sure that when you [American Hip Hop artists] leave London, you know that we’re about it.’

“Secondly, they [American rappers] come over with a lot of ego, [with] so much more security than they actually need. When they do their shows, their security is pushing people out the way. You can’t really do that on someone elses turf. It’s like you [look at Charlamagne] going to Atlanta and walking around pushing people in Atlanta when you don’t know whats going on in Atlanta. Someone’s gonna be like, ‘Yo, you can’t do that here.’

He continued, “In London, everybody likes people just to be humble. Young Jeezy came to London and he went to the hood, he went to Brixton and nobody did anything and that was like a mutual respect…”

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