Tinashe x Jacques Greene create a new song from scratch [Video]


Collaborating as part of the Yours Truly and Adidas originals video series Songs From Scratch, pop starlet Tinashe and producer Jacques Greene lay something new down for the fans.

With the entire recording session caught on film, edited, and then interjected with mini interview intervals, the original coming together of both Tinashe and Greene took place back in January. Not giving too much away, a track can be heard being put together with both vocals and instrumentation on deck. Confessing that she never really knows where a song is going to end up when working with a new collaborator, Tinashe says, “When you’re working on a song, you never 100% know where it’s gonna end up when you begin” … “Even [when] collaborating with other people [just] because you have that alternative artistic opinion.”

With word that the track itself will be released in its entirety sometime tomorrow, for now you’ll just have to keep checking out the video.