Timbaland To Launch Timbo Thursdays

Timbaland, who recently joined twitter (@Timbaland007), announced today via the social network that he’ll be giving away some tracks free every week, and he’ll be calling it…wait for it… ‘Timbo Thursdays’.

“So my brother told me kanye is puttin out a new song every friday call good fridays, swizz got mondays. I dont know if they are on twitter but can you hit them up and tell them reserve that thursday for timbo da king baby. We’ll call it timbo thursday cool?”

As I said before, Yeezy done started something! Now we have Mondays, Fridays and Thursdays covered by Timbo, Ye and Swizz Beatz respectively, I’m waiting to see whose going to claim Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, I love that all of these producers are embracing the culture of releasing free tracks purely on the premise of sharing good music with their fans (okay, so maybe not purely for sharing good music – there’s usually some impending album release which it serves as promo for – but it’s still a great incentive!)