Timbaland speaks on falling out with Jay-Z, Yeezus thoughts, future plans [Video]


Diddy‘s new channel RevoltTV has been pulling in major star power. A day before Jay Z dropped a million copies of his brand new album on America’s Independence day the 4th of July to Samsung phone users worldwide, super producer Timbaland sat down with Revolt for an interview ‘unlocking’ Jay Z’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

After major success with Justin Timberlake on the 20/20 Experience the producer also discusses some of the lows he went through during his career, and reveals that he had a falling out with Jay Z and how they reconciled to come together for the making of MCHG.

Opening up about how he used to be and the man he is in now, this time around Timbaland wasn’t reluctant when it came to working with other producers for Jay Z’s biggest album yet; collaborating with the likes of Pharell, The Dream and Mike Will.

Timbaland also drops some gems on current marketing strategies, going into depth about how Jay Z marketed his album and how he plans to market his own future projects after he is released from his current record deal with Interscope. The producer goes on to dub Roc Nation’s brightest star J.Cole as the “next one in line,” commending him on the decisions he made on the making of his second album Born Sinner.

Watch the insightful interview below.


On the making of MCHG: “I played this one beat and I said I’ve got something for you, so I played it and he goes Oh my God. From then we did two more off the bat and he was like lets just go in, lets just go; and that’s how we did it. We didn’t plan it, it just happened. The energy was so great it was just like two friends re-uniting.”

On Yeezus: “What I think about Kanye is I love it, because he gives me diverse. He is trying to tell you that I don’t want you mentioning my name with other rappers. I am not them. I am Rock&Roll/rap! I know what he is trying to do and it’s going to take the second time for people to understand it. I think what the beauty of that will be is if me and him were to do the album together.”

On overcoming addiction and finding himself: “As you get grown it’s time to cut that shit out. It’s time to focus on who you are and who’s in your circle. You gotta go through trial and error. I’m from the South and we don’t talk. I am now just opening up and I’m 40 now, look how long it took .I didn’t know who I was and because I wasn’t sure of who I was I have an addictive personality. I can get addicted to a lot of things and one time in my career I was addicted to Oxycon. I was addicted to popping pills.”

Magna Carta Holy Grail drops worldwide on the 9th of July – listen to the first single, “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake; whose 20/20 Experience sequel drops September 30th.