Timbaland ft. Brandy aka Bran’Nu – “Whenever You Like” | New Music

Timbaland’s Timbo Thursdays are still happening.

It seems that he seems to keep hitting us with music that is:

a) Old

b) Talked all over in a morning voice

c) Not actually that good

Must I go on? Nonetheless, he hits us with his latest [I use the term lightly] offering, ‘Whenever You Like’ featuring Bran’Nu, the rapping alter ego of Brandy.

Earlier this evening, I was talking to a friend about Brandy’s immense singing voice, and how I really think she should leave the rapping alone. Similarly, I was talking to a friend about how Timbo used to be the man and I really think he should leave whatever vice he took up after FutureSex/LoveSounds alone.

As for the track itself, not really feeling it. What do you think?