Thundercat talks The Golden Age of Apocalypse LP, LA, working w/ Flying Lotus & Erykah Badu [Video]

The bad man bass player that is Steven “Thundercat” Brunner recently sat down to give the people at Out Da Box TV the lowdown on a few things, speaking about his start playing music, his love for the Thundercats cartoon [that’s wassup] and how the name stuck to him and his current musical home Brainfeeder.

He also spoke about meeting Flying Lotus, who produced his critically acclaimed album, The Golden Age of Apocalypse. He also talk about the host of people who appeared on the album, from Shafiq Husayn to Erykah Badu, whom Thundercat played bass for.

He covers quite a bit of ground, talking about his musical outlook and the LA music scene, so just press play and if you haven’t already got the album, pick it up from here. You’ll thank me for it.