Thundercat – “Lotus And The Jondy” I New Music


“Lotus And The Jondy” is the latest track to be released from Thundercat‘s excellent new record Apocalypse, co-produced by label boss Flying Lotus. 

In a mere five minutes, Thundercat, real name Stephen Bruner, teams up with Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen and takes us on a prog-jazz odyssey about hallucinogenic walks through the forest. With only one verse of lyrics, the track mainly revolves around the repeated refrain of “Lotus and the Jondy” which echoes over Bruner’s bass-harmonics until Pridgen lets loose on the drums, providing an ear-shattering minute of chopped and layered percussion. The track is one of the most experimental on the record, but all the more interesting for it. Check it out below:

Apocalypse is out now on Brainfeeder Records, read our review here.