Theophilus London x Jesse Boykins III Tell The “Life Of A Lover”

Those who can’t wait to see Jesse Boykins III perform his London debut next month [click for information + tickets], here’s something to whet your appetite as he features on a new song from Theophilus London’s latest mixtape, I Want You, with this mellow rap ballad: “Life Of A Lover”.

“Theophilus and I definitely are on the same wave when it comes to creating and song writing and living life. So it was not hard to listen to the track and paint the picture,” Jesse tells SoulCulture. “When he recited his verse to me, the hook jumped in my head.  We feed off each others creative energy it’s apparent in all our collaboration. His new mixtape definitely shows growth and brings his experiences and new influences into sound… I’m just glad to be able to share my point of view with such a passionate dude.”

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