Theophilus London ft. Devonté Hynes x Solange Knowles – “Flying Overseas” | New Music

Recorded in New York and tweaked in LA with featured guests Solange Knowles and Devonte Hynes [who also produced the track], “Flying Overseas” is Theophilus London‘s second official single released via Green Label Sound.

“This song is about a kid from Brooklyn having dreams of jetting off to an exotic land with a loved one. I want to inspire kids to travel. Traveling inspires my music the most. It has inspired the entire album I just finished writing,” says Mr London.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from their recordings session below, and grab a free download of “Flying Overseas” from this embeddable player:

And watch them make the song in the video below:

Londoners can catch Theophilus performing at Fabric on Friday…