Theo Martins – Wonderland | Album Stream

Underground Rhode Island emcee Theo Martins delivers a heartfelt chronicle of his coming-of-age in the form of his debut studio album, Wonderland.
The emcee, who has gained a significant following with the release of singles such as “Windows 95” and “Balloons“, displays a combination of confidence and charisma while speaking on his life experiences that definitely put him head and shoulders above many out there now.

Maryann Vasquez and Tanya Morgan are the only guest features on a largely introspective project reflecting on his learning experiences that have come to define him. Martins’ passion and intensity is felt immediately on the first track, “Wonderland, as he emphasizes his ambition and confidence while reaching towards greater achievements in his life. The project arrives at a very memorable conclusion in the form of “Flowers,” in which Martins channels Common‘s “Come Close To Me,” while bringing his examination of self to a memorable close.

Production by the likes of Austin White, Earth Moon Earth, Kris Fame and $port is eclectic and energetic, ranging from the laid back party vibes of “Blue Valentine” to the robotic, futuristic ambiance of “KILLER,” to the catchy funk of “Dr Robotnic,” to the electronic, high octane flavor of “Prisms.” Despite the wide range of musical influences, the project as a whole gives off infectiously positive vibes. Martins isn’t afraid to incorporate a melodic delivery into his repertoire, which allows him to create music that is very easy to listen to while still delivering a strong message.

Stream Wonderland below in its entirety, and purchase it from iTunes.