The xx’s Oliver Sim discusses new album ‘Coexist’ [Audio]

With The xx‘s highly-anticipated sophomore album Coexist fast approaching for a release this Autumn, German network on3 caught up with band member Oliver Sim to discuss the new LP.

When asked to describe the record as ingredients of a dish (journalists of the future, feel free to steal this question idea – it’s brilliant!), Sim said: “There’s some steel pan on there, so I’m gonna say some Caribbean food, I’m gonna say papaya or plantain, then I’m gonna say something English… fish and chips, yeah, ’cause we’re Londoners, with a bit of beer in there, and then final one would be… something pretty minimal, something like a radish.”

“It would be [best-served] from a guy with an ice box,” he added.

In the relaxed chat, Sims also detailed that the concept of “unity” is a prominent message on the new LP (tying in with the romantic theme of the record), and that Jamie, Romy and himself approached it with less limitations and more adventure, adding that the mood won’t be as consistent as it was on their self-titled debut.

“This album, I think there are a lot more ups and downs. I think we’ve made some of the darkest songs we’ve ever made and some of the lightest,” he said.

You can listen to the full interview below. Coexist is due out on September 11th via Young Turks.